— The paper has focused on the development of decorative materials manufacturing  —

Company Profile

Linyi Xin Paper Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2004, the registered capital of 5 million yuan. At the junction of three counties in Shandong province is located in Linyi high tech Development Zone, Feixian County, Lan Ling county at single Zhuang Industrial Park, more than 150 employees, covers an area of 32500 square meters, owns 12 of the most advanced horizontal dipping production line and 4 international most advanced printing line.


The company mainly produces and sells 2 feet -4 feet and a variety of sizes of the melamine furniture paper, ecological plate special laminating paper, paper, paper door balance, annual sales of 8500000, the total output value of 68000000 yuan. The company's products are sold on the basis of the local production base in Linyi, and are sold to major cities and international markets in the country.


— Do quality building materials, create brilliant achievements, casting excellent quality  —

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